Entropy Cooks is a full service catering and private chef company dedicated to serving cuisine that exceeds expectations, through our focus on fresh food, innovative culinary ideas and extensive knowledge of cooking.  With our private chef and catering services we do all the planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning so that you can sit back and enjoy your meal or event. If you're interested in building on your kitchen skills, our cooking classes offer knowledgeable, customized guidance on a range of topics.




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Growing up in the verdant, rural woods of Whidbey Island, I was raised among the potatoes, beans, peas, squash, and other bounty that would come to grace my family’s dinner table.  I shared the responsibility of tending and harvesting this bounty, and as I got older I began to realize the incredible role this food played in my life. Meals, particularly dinner, were an intricate part of what made a family. It was amazing to see how the little seeds I planted could be transformed into my father’s smile and the shared experiences with my family and friends. This synergy between food, family, and friends is what I describe as the culture of the table. It became my biggest inspiration, leading me down the path towards becoming a chef.  

This path started at Scottsdale Culinary Institute, and later included stops in numerous notable kitchens, like Cave B, Brasa, Matt's in the Market, and Terra Plata. After 18 years of success, failure, and everything in between in the kitchen, I began to look for a creative outlet away from the kitchen, which I found in yoga.  The synergies between yoga and cooking were so evident to me that it compelled me to pursue a training certification from the Yoga Alliance, which I received last May.  Throughout the training, I became captivated with how physical health can affect ones overall well-being, and the community of collaboration that yoga creates. As these inspirations slowly crept from my training into my professional life, I realized that I had lost touch with the culture of the table that first inspired me to become a chef.  Working in a restaurant, the collaboration that inspired my childhood self was gone. I was producing decadent food that was meant to be used for celebration, not necessarily sustenance.  Knowing I needed to change my path, I dove into being a self-employed chef.  Since extracting myself from the restaurant setting and becoming a culinary collaborator, I am more in tune with what my food means, and the personal emotions that it creates. Instead of dictating meals to my patrons, I now take inspiration from specific personalities, to create much more rewarding and nourishing culinary experiences.  I can once again see the food I create transform into the familiar smiles and warm feelings I know.