Entropy Cooks is able to design a variety of custom catering menu options. From dinner parties and holiday themed events to cocktail hours and weddings, we specialize in creating events marked with innovative style, excellent service and unforgettable cuisine. We will take care of the details while you enjoy your special event, stress- free.  


As a private chef, I am afforded a much more customizable and client influenced menu.  I like to meet you in your kitchen and get to know you and your culinary moods and requirements, while assessing your equipment and appliances to evaluate what I will need to bring our collaborative vision to life.  Whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or anything in between, you can expect me to come in, craft your meals, leave them ready for you to reheat, and leave your space looking as if I was never there.  No hassle, no mess, just good food. 


As fulfilling as a satisfying meal is to eat, the level of appreciation for the food is taken to another level when you yourself executed that meal. With that in mind, Entropy Cooks offer multiple at home instructional courses for both those looking to learn foundational concepts, or veterans that are ready to add a new skill to their repertoire–and everyone in between!  These courses are wonderful experiences to share with friends and family, and can be tailored to the needs of an individual or group. Have something you want to learn? Let's talk!